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Acnes are some small lesions like whiteheads, blackheads and pustules and appear over skin and the most common area is face. They also appear over the neck, back, hands, hips or legs. Medically red spots over the skin called Acne Vulgaris. You will surprise to get that it is most common skin disease faced by teenagers or adults. It really doesn’t mean that it can’t affect you if you are 30 plus as it can affect anyone but the condition becomes worst during adolescence. Even new born babies also have baby acne.

The sebaceous glands lie under the skin surface. The sebum (oil) produced over there and it is also known as skin’s natural moisturizer. The glands and the hair follicles where they stay are called sebaceous follicles. The skin pores are actually opened stage of skin follicles. During puberty, increase of androgens gives way to too much sebum. When it attached with the dead skin or dirt gives way to acne over the skin.


The existence of infected or irritated sebaceous glands in the skin is actually called pimple or acne. It takes place when the skin pores are clogged with oil having dead skin and bacteria.


There is no exact cause of acne vulgaris but here mentioned are some of the common risk factors which can further change into acne.

  • Age- It is most the common cause. When you reached to your teenage or stepped in the adulthood from teenage there are some hormonal changes takes place in the body. So, the acne appears over the skin.
  • Diseases- If the girls have hormonal disorders then the condition can be worse in the girls.
  • Heredity- Those having the family history of having acne also affected by acne. So small babies also have baby acnes.
  • Gender- It is declared after doing a survey that mostly boys have severe acne.
  • Hormonal Imbalance- Acne vulgaris can be burst up before menstruation. Also, pregnancy and menopause are other two stages where acne takes place because at that time body faces hormonal changes.
  • Drugs- Some of the drugs can also show side effects.
  • Cosmetics- Some of the cheap makeup products can show side effects over the skin and result is acne. Even excessive usage of oil based makeup products and hair sprays may make the condition worse.
  • Environment- Polluted surrounding, hot weather and sweating can also result in acne.
  • Stress- Stress also invites acne to appear over skin.


Usually red small blisters are called acne and also are not painful at mild stage. Babies in their early months have baby acnes over their face especially over cheeks.Some of the itching can be faced by the person. Light pain, tenderness or swelling is some of the other symptoms. The condition becomes painful if these lesions have negative cosmetic effect. Even people may have scars due to acnes.

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